Living Dead Doll Figurines – The Collection So Far…

I must confess I have always been a bit of a collector. One of my favourite things to collect has been Mezco’s Living Dead Doll series. This line of gothic/horror dolls was created by Ed Long and Damien Glonek and has been on the go since 2000 (manufactured by Mezco Toyz). At the moment there is a grand total of 26 series, usually consisting of approximately five or so dolls per set. There are also various Exclusives that have been released over the years (some of which are incredibly hard to obtain). I have been a collector of these items for about six years now and have spent more money than I dare to think of buying up hard-to-get/rare dolls although I have had to put a stop to most of my buying (was putting a bit of strain on the old finances!).

Living Dead Doll Walpurgis

Living Dead Doll Walpurgis (Photo credit: Dex1138)

The latest line from this range are the Living Dead Doll Figurines. There are five main characters in each set (and another five variants of each to collect). These figures are individually blind-boxed – sealed inside “body bags” so you don’t know which figure you have until you open the sealed bag.

My lovely fiancé bought me a couple for Christmas and now I am once again hooked on buying these grotesque and macabre (but also strangely cute!) dolls. So far I have bought 13 figures (and have 6 more on the way). I have collected 6 figurines from Series 2, and 7 from Series 3 (unfortunately I have ended up with a few duplicates but that is the risk you take). Series 1 have so far proven to be somewhat elusive (and by that I mean expensive!) but I mean to eventually track these down. I can see myself eventually collecting as many as I can but for now I am quite happy with the ones I have.

ldd1Does anyone have anything unusual that they like to collect? Living Dead Dolls are only one of the many figures I like to acquire (I may share some of my other collections sometime!) but sometimes I wonder if my almost obsessive collecting is really so unusual.

Given the sheer amount of collectibles that are available (and the prices that some of these go for!) I think it is something of a niche market, but one that seems to be ever-expanding and gaining popularity all the time. Incidently, I would really love to go to Comic-Con one day and see all the weird and wonderful collectors items that are on offer.

ldd2Here is the official Mezco Living Dead Doll site for those who may be curious: enter if you dare


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