TBR Challenge 2014

tbrThis challenge (hosted by the lovely folks at ♥!The Young Adult Book Club!♥ on Goodreads) is going to be one of the biggest personal challenges for me this year. I took part in the TBR Challenge 2013 but ended up not getting very far with it, mainly because I kept getting so distracted by all the shiny new books I pretty much ignored all the books gathering dust of my shelf (literally and figuratively for although I have been buying more and more ebooks for my kindle, I still have tons of print books sitting waiting to be read).

This year I plan to rectify this – I want to focus more on reading the massive back-catalogue of books that I have bought over the last few years. I am also going to try and curb my spending – that is, to try and not buy so many new books this year (at least that is the aim – who knows how successful that will turn out to be!).

I plan on reading at least 30 books which I may increase depending on how well the challenge is going throughout the year.

 Here are the rules of the TBR Reading Challenge:

  • To read at least 5 older books off of your shelf or your to-be-read reading pile. No books from 2014 allowed.

 Here is the thread set up to keep track of all progress: here

Unlike the Debut Author Challenge 2014 which I am also participating in (see post), I am not going to choose ahead of time what books will make the cut; instead I will be updating the list as I go along.

 Here is my list to date (19/01/14):


  1. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – this book has been gathering dust on my shelf for over a year (it was purchased during the summer of 2012). I got the second book The Dream Thieves for my Christmas so I definitely think that I need to read this book as soon as possible.  See my review HERE
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5 thoughts on “TBR Challenge 2014

  1. Good Luck! I’m just like you -I have print books I’ve owned for years which I still haven’t picked up (a few dating back to about 5 years, eep!) and I still go on buying spree!

    Started the year with the resolve to be good about buying books but caved in exactly 13 days :p


  2. Thanks! I know what you mean – I have barely made a dent in my TBR pile – according to the shelf I made on Goodreads I have approx around 1000 books not yet read in my possession (and that’s only the ones I have remembered to catalogue!).

    I am trying to limit myself to only buying new releases and debuts (but we will see how long that will last lol). 😀


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